Birkenhead Institute Grammar School, Wirral


Former pupil James Stewart has very kindly written an excellent article about former Headmaster Mr E. Wynne-Hughes. I have since found out that Mr Wynne-Hughes was Headmaster at the B.I. from 1929 to 1950, courtesy of an item I have located by Mr L.T. Malcolm.  

Very many thanks to James for these excellent memories of  a very charismatic and significant member of staff at the B.I. for so many years:


Mr E. Wynne-Hughes, former B.I. Headmaster, 1929 - 1950:-


Below are some pictures of Mr Wynne-Hughes during his time at the B.I., including one from 1933 with the B.I. school Prefects of the time. There is also an extract from "The Visor" about Mr Wynne-Hughes and his career. This extract was taken from the year when he was in his 20th year at Birkenhead Institute. (1949).  Mr Wynne-Hughes was also Headmaster at Hadleigh Secondary School, as well as at Llandrindod Wells County School, before taking up the post of Headmaster at Birkenhead Institute in 1929.

There are also two B.I. Junior School Book Lists from the years 1937/1938/1939  shown below, which former pupil James Stewart has very kindly provided.  Please note the prices in pounds, shillings and pence!  How things have changed! 

Also, please see below some great memories from former pupil Mr W.G. Smith, (George), who recalls Mr Wynne-Hughes's favourite Hymn at Assembly, along with some marvellous memories of other staff at the time, including Mr W.E. Williams and Mr W.H. Watts, Physics Master, aka "Pa Watts" :-


I would like to thank the family of Glyn Norman Richards, (Former B.I. Pupil), for providing me with some fascinating items relating to his time at Birkenhead Institute. Glyn was a pupil at the school in 1921 and was there up to 1929. His son, Norman Richards, has kindly written to me as follows:

"Please find items enclosed from my father's house re:  his time at Birkenhead Institute. In the cricket team. my father is 2nd right front row. (See below).

The football teams, to the best of my knowledge, are photos of my father's elder brother, Trevor Harmon Richards, who also attended B.I.. He passed away some years ago. Trevor is the boy with the football, front row 1919/1920 team, and 2nd left centre row in the other photo. (See below).

Norman Richards"


Please note that one of the items which Norman provided was Glyn's B.I. School cap, which is now on display at the Wilfred Owen Gallery, 34, Argyle Street, Birkenhead.  More details about this Gallery and Dean Johnson, who runs this excellent centre, can be seen on the Dean Johnson page of this web site. Above is also shown Glyn's Form Prize Book from 1926, when Mr J. Smallpage was Headmaster.

The photographs and memorabilia are shown below, which also include documents showing Glyn Norman Richards' Admission document and Award of Scholarship to  Birkenhead Institute in 1921 and 1924 :-